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DYI Jewelry Chain Caddy

I love to recycle old outdated junk into new and useful items.  This is a really simple project, but I thought I would create a blog for it anyway.  Besides, it’s my first blog and I’m just testing things out.  Let me know what you think.

Turn this:

Floppy Disks & Box

Into this:

Finished Caddy with Chains


I love to make jewelry out of polymer clay (if you have time take a peek at my flickr page).  This is the mess I’ve been dealing with when I need a little chain for a piece I’m working on.  Ugh!

Bagged Chain

What you’ll need:

  1. Old Floppy Disks
  2. Scissors

Floppy Disks and Sissors


Getting Started:

  1. Remove the metal guard from the top of the floppy disk.

Remove Guard from Floppy

2.  Pry the floppy disk open with your fingers.

Open Floppy

3.  Once the disk is open, remove the magnetic disc, clip and cloth from the inside of the floppy.

Inside the floppy disk

Throw the “guts” away:    Throw Away parts

4.  I like to make a template for consistency, but it’s certainly not needed.  (If you don’t need to use a template skip to step #6)  The shape we want to cut out is basically an “I” shape.

Make Template


5.  Trace the template pattern onto your floppy disk case.

Use Template      Template Drawn


6.  Cut out the pattern with a pair of scissors.

Cut the disk


7.  Cut a notch into the side of the floppy disk and feed the chain into it.

cut notch

8.  Wrap your chain around the spool and secure the end of the chain into the same notch or create a new notch if you’re using thick chain.

Wrap Chain
Secure end of chain
Finished Spool

9.  Put the finished floppies back into the case and you now have a new easily accessible chain caddy.  No more tangled knotted chain to sort through, and no more bags of chain laying around.

Put Floppys back in case

Finished Project

Your Finished Caddy!

Tutorial by Veldena Ladson

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